This book shatters old beliefs of working paycheck to paycheck, success, entrepreneurship and, living the good life.


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WHY This Book Now?

A lot of us are working harder than ever. Social media and technology were supposed to help us streamline our lives, make things simpler, make us more efficient, and give us more time freedom, right? WRONG! People are working more hours for less pay, and giving away the best days of their lives to build other people’s dreams.  


Maybe you can relate to my story. I was working full time, trying to make ends meet, running full speed on a treadmill going nowhere. Or perhaps you are already successful and want more. If you are ready to have more fun, make more money and live the good life, this book is for you. It is my life’s work and it is a simple guide to working less and making more.  


Millennials don’t want the stereotypical 9-5, which is actually more like an 8-6. The last thing they want is to be tied to a desk, YUCK! Baby Boomers want to travel, spend time at the beach, and run around playing with their grandkids.  The last thing they want is another job - blah!


Those of us in between, you know, the ones in the sandwich generation, what do they want?  FUN AND FREEDOM!


This book SHATTERS old beliefs of working paycheck to paycheck, success, entrepreneurship … and, living the good life.


Join the movement … You Can Have it All!

A Note From Author Drew Berman to You

Who is You Can Have It All For?

    • Athletes & Fitness Pros

      The business of fitness is a multi-billion international movement. If you want to help more people, have more fun, and make more money, then this book is for you. You can help people get fit, get focused & get free.

    • Nurses & Teachers

      Nurses and teachers are among the most loving, giving and caring people on the planet. Unfortunately they are overworked and underpaid. One teacher told me that her students get the best of her, her kids get the rest of her, and her husband gets what's left over… with no time for herself. The American Dream right?


      There is a better way. This book will allow you to help more people, which is most likely why you chose your profession. Now, you will be able to add some income and add some fun.

    • Active Military & Veterans

      The most honorable people in the world have served our country. They fought for freedom, and, we know, that freedom isn’t free. We fight for freedom with pen and paper, our cell phones and properly using social media.


      Veterans will love this book because with the same commitment and focus from the military. Following a very simple structure and strategy, they can create a life that most only dream of.

    • Moms & Grandmas

      We know that men can change diapers and that women can fight wars. However, the rise of feminine power is happening globally. Equal pay for equal work is so 2010.
      Women way out earn their male counterparts in our profession, and this book will be their loyal guide to the top. Women are recognized, acknowledged, and loved in our world and the best part about it, they can do it part-time on the side.

    • Baby Boomers

      More than 10,000 people a day are turning 65 till 2030. The baby boomers have skills, knowledge, talent and relationships that they want to put to good use.


      This book will help baby boomers stay younger longer, create more income for fun, travel and grandkids, and truly make an impact and contribution without having to send out resumes.

    • Millennials

      Young people are ready to play big. My business partner is 31, just came back from Harvard Business School, and has created a global movement of young people 18-35 that is attracting young entrepreneurs from NY to LA, Australia to UK and everywhere in between. This book is a gift for our youth, creating a new generation of wealth, based on fun, contribution and utilizing the best of social media.

    You Can Have It All... IS FOR YOU!


    • You want more out of life.

    • You are already successful & want more. ​

    • You are looking for a breakthrough.

    • You desire an exit strategy.

    • You want more money & more fun.

    • You want THE GOOD LIFE!

    The FIVE Fs5 Reasons YOU Need to Read This Book!

    #1. Family

    Whether we are talking about your immediate family, your extended family or the very special  people in your life that you call family, we all work for family.  This book will help you grow your proverbial family,  impact your family, and improve your relationships with family.

    #2. Fitness

    However you define fitness you most likely want to be physically fit. You probably want to stay younger longer, sleep better, have more energy and be at a good weight. This book will give you all that and more.

    #3. Finances

    Whether you are making 5 figures, 6 figures, or 7 figures … chances are you want more. You want to have better Finances to do the things you want to do, to have the things you want to have, and to do the things you want to do.  You can have it all is your key to residual and passive income.

    #4. Freedom

    I do not want or need other adults telling me what to do. You are probably a lot like me. You want to work hard and play hard.You want to create a lifestyle by design. If you are psychologically unemployable, this book is for you.

    #2. Fun

    Life should be fun. We only have a short time in this thing called life. If you are not having fun, then let’s upgrade your life and lifestyle. If you are ready to smile more, laugh more, play more and have more fun… then this book is for you.

    Full Chapter Overview & Bonus Content!

    Chapter 1. Living the Laptop Lifestyle

    Chapter 2. Double Your Income

    This is a rare treat. A high level invitation to an event that can help double your income and double your time off.


    Most pay $1997 for this event. When you buy the book, you get to go for 95% discount which just covers your seat cost. This camp will save you years on your journey to living the good life. We look forward to seeing you there… here’s a sneak peak ( when you get the book you get the special code for 95% off ) 

    Chapter 3. Belief

    Chapter 4. The Magic is in the 4th Question

    Chapter 5. 8 Steps to Success

    Chapter 6. Stop Selling, Start Serving

    Chapter 7. The Power of your 30 Second Story

    Chapter 8. Promises Worth Making and Keeping

    Chapter 9. The Gradient

    Chapter 10. The Key to FollowUp

    Chapter 11. Be the Change You Want to See

    Chapter 12. 2020 Hindsight or 2020 Foresight

    Bonus Chapter #1. Master Your Inner Champion

    Bonus Chapter #2. A Woman’s Perspective

    Bonus Chapter #3. From Broke Musician to Millionaire​

    About Author Drew Berman


    Drew Berman is an expert in the network marketing space, helping thousands of people to achieve their personal and professional goals of better health, better wealth, and a happier life through a variety of highly effective programs.


    "Discover how I went from hot dog vendor, to real estate, to a 7-figure network marketer!"


    I teach Network Marketers how to go from hobby income to professional income. It wasn't always that way however. First I was a hot dog vendor, then I joined the circus, which was actually 4 years of college. I traveled the world and ended up in Real Estate in New York City.


    My Mission

    My Mission is to assist people with their lifestyle triangle ... that's better health, more income and more time and freedom. Which ones are you working on?



    My Passion
    My passion is fun, adventure, and travel. But you can't do these things alone. I'm looking for people who want let go of the good life so they can have the great life

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    Physical AND Digital Copies Included!

    You Can Have it All retails for $19.95, but Drew bought it for you!

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