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About Drew Berman


Drew Berman is an expert in the network marketing space, helping thousands of people to achieve their personal and professional goals of better health, better wealth, and a happier life through a variety of highly effective programs.


"Discover how I went from hot dog vendor, to real estate, to a 7-FIGURE network marketer!"


I teach Network Marketers how to go from hobby income to professional income. It wasn't always that way however. First I was a hot dog vendor, then I joined the circus, which was actually 4 years of college. I traveled the world and ended up in Real Estate in New York City.


My Mission

My Mission is to assist people with their lifestyle triangle ... that's better health, more income and more time and freedom. Which ones are you working on?



My Passion
My passion is fun, adventure, and travel. But you can't do these things alone. I'm looking for people who want let go of the good life so they can have the great life

A Personal Note from Drew... Why Network Marketing?

For some, Network Marketing is the greatest business in the world and it is indeed the truest sense of democracy. Meaning that the more people you help to reach their goals, the easier it will be to hit yours.


Some still think that Network Marketing is the devil’s work. They are still holding on to a story they heard a long time ago, someone they knew ended up with a garage full of shampoo. Most people are somewhere in between.  


Most people who fall in love with Network Marketing, actually fall in love with the concept. It’s a PERFECT business model with everything most dream of...

  • NO Boss
  • NO Traffic Jams
  • NO Commute
  • NO Boundaries
  • NO Income Ceiling
  • NO Overhead

Unfortunately, most aren't taught how to properly turn it into income. Luckily, you now have access, answers and the key to the vault. This course will unlock the secret sauce of the highly successful.


I have worked with hundreds of people who make...

  • 5 figures a month
  • 6 figures a year
  • 7 figures in a career

I have also seen and mentored and coached and worked with thousands and thousands who continue to struggle. Why is that? It’s because people are trained in other professions, and then stumble upon Network Marketing.  


This course will teach you how to be a Network Marketing Professional. 


This course will teach you...

  • How to DOMINATE. Network marketing can be an expensive hobby or a lucrative business. We want to help you turn this into a lucrative business. You will dominate.
  • How to be an AUTHORITY. This profession deserves your best. When you go to market with authority you will impact more people, have more fun and make more money.
  • How to get ENDLESS Leads. They asked the famous business philosopher Jim Rohn where does he find the people, he replied wherever they are. We will teach you how to find leads everywhere.
  • How to Talk to those Leads with PURPOSE. Finding the leads is step one. We will show you what to say to them so that they become a customer, or better yet become a business partner.
  • How to get those Leads to JOIN. There is a step by step process to get people to join your company. We will show you how to get them to join, and, how to get them to stay.
  • How to Have MORE Impact. When you focus on contribution over accumulation, magic will happen. You will be able to impact people's lives with your product or service, and, you will make the world a better place.
  • How to have MORE Fun. Yes you will have impact, yes you will make money, and, we can have fun too.
  • How to Make MORE Money. There is an art to this business, and we will help you master it. You really can make money in this business and we will show you how.
  • And a LOT MORE. Yes, really!

Look, I get it!

  • You wake up ready to make it happen 🤩
  • You watch motivational videos on YouTube 🔥😜
  • You keep hearing it’s all about action & consistency  🎬
  • You buy a course on the Law of Attraction 🧲
  • Someone teaches you how to meditate 🧘
  • You borrow money so you can go to the company convention 😴
  • You get to company convention and have to sleep 8 people in a room 🛌
  • You’re out of people to talk to on your warm market, so you call your upline  📱
  • They tell you to go hunting on the streets for anyone who is breathing 🥺
  • You feel awkward and uncomfortable 😬
  • You decide to post on Social Media 💪💪💪
  • You start posting selfies using hashtags #️⃣entrepreneur #️⃣ownboss #️⃣dreamteam #️⃣bossbabe #️⃣lifestylebydesign 
  • The photo of your 🐱 cat gets 6,049 likes 👍
  • You then post “I’m looking for 2 motivated individuals that want to make an extra $5,000 per month.  Send me a PM” 👀
  • Crickets 🦗🦗🦗
  • You buy a course about branding on Instagram 🤳
  • You never implement what you learn 🤔
  • You find a group called Financial Freedom Fighters ‍💰
  • You make a post “looking for 3 motivated individuals to join my team with the number one greatest opportunity on the planet” ⭐
  • You get removed and blocked from the group 
  • You’ve built a list of people from the group and your friends list ✅
  • You then start spamming  💻
  • Your see your best friend from high school at a company convention who joined with someone else 🙎
  • Your number one teammate quits 
  • You keep going... 🚦
  • You remind yourself that it's about action & consistency 🔨
  • You hear everyone talking about branding 👠
  • You get photos 📸 done and a website built 🌐
  • You look cool 😎
  • Your bank balance doesn’t look cool  💰 💰 💰
  • Finally you start seeing your posts get some traction 📈
  • Then Facebook changes their algorithm 😪
  • You are ready to throw in the towel 🤧

...And on it goes. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt 🎽.


If what you are doing is working, keep doing it. If you want to 10x your business then you are in the right place. Listen, this course is not for everyone.  

This Network Marketing Domination course IS for YOU if you want to: 

  • Double your business.
  • Go from hobby income to professional income.
  • Prove the naysayers wrong.
  • Change your monthly income to your weekly income.
  • Have more fun.
  • Impact more people.
  • Get more qualified leads.
  • Build a team that lasts.
  • Enjoy passive, residual income.
  • Get Fit. Get Focused. Get Free.

In this course you will learn:

  • Prospecting on demand
  • Closing techniques not taught by your upline
  • Law of attraction mastery
  • Team building tips they don’t teach from stage
  • How to get more customers
  • How to have more happy customers on autoship
  • What to do after people sign up
  • Time management techniques of the highly successful
  • Proper goal setting 
  • And a lot more

I’ve spent dozens of years and tens of thousands of dollars working and masterminding with some of the top Network Marketing Experts in the world.


Guess what... we are regular people just like you! 
Together, over the years, we have learned

  • How to do this...
  • How to do it right...
  • How to do it profitably!

... And that is EXACTLY what you will learn.
We have a no jerks allowed policy. This is for winners not whiners, champs not chumps. Join us for fun, masterminding, support, tips, strategies and more.


Do not join if you like to complain and make excuses.




You want more...

  • You want more time freedom.
  • You want a bigger team.
  • You want more duplication.
  • You want more leads.
  • You want more money.
  • You want to prove em wrong.
  • You want more customers.
  • You want to retire your spouse.
  • You want to fire your boss.
  • You want to have it all.
  • You can have it all.



If you are ready, let’s get this party started. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, let’s get this show on the road!


And I will help you get there.





Drew Berman


What's Included in Network Marketing Domination?

Drew wants YOUR Success. You get EVERYTHING below...

  • 4 Core Network Marketing Domination Training Modules (Normally priced at $999)
    • Core Module #1: ​The Authority Foundation
    • Core Module #2: The Authority Building System
    • Core Module #3: Network Marketing Sales Training
    • Core Module #4: High Performance Mindset
  • BONUS Module #1: The Law of Attraction (Normally priced at $99)
  • BONUS Module #2: Successful Team Building (Normally priced at $149)
  • FREE Action-Plan Consultation with Drew (Normally priced at $199)
  • Exclusive 95% off 3-Day, VIP Business Bootcamp (Normally priced at $1,997)
  • Hassle-Free, 30-Day Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

Core Module #1: The Authority Foundation

  • How to get out of the product business
  • How to get into marketing, recruiting, and people development
  • How to control the recruiting strategy
  • How to operate like a six-figure professional marketer
  • How to become an authority
  • How to make it so people want to watch and learn from you
  • The 3-part system to success & branding

Core Module #2: The Authority Building System

  • How to create your authority figure & brand yourself
  • What to do on social media & how to do it
  • How to create curiosity and truly engage
  • How to create your social media strategy & pages
  • How to control the recruiting strategy
  • How to build a HIGH QUALITY lead funnel
  • How to pre-qualify leads
  • How to use booking software
  • How to AUTOMATE your sales process & thank you notes
  • How to attract your ideal prospects & enroll them
  • How to create high value content using stories & case studies
  • How to create CTAs (Calls to Action)
  • How successful networkers brand themselves.

Core Module #3: Network Marketing Sales Training


Creating Your Vision

  • How to turn your goals into purpose
  • How to speak the future into existence
  • How to call forth that which does not exist
  • How to play a bigger game
  • How to align yourself with the global mission of the company

Cold Market Prospecting & Recruiting

  • How to listen more and talk less
  • How to attract the ideal customer
  • How to speak about products
  • How to speak about the business
  • How to sponsor on demand
  • How to recruit professionals
  • How to magically have people join online and offline

The Art of Closing & Following Up

  • How to close more sales
  • How to enroll more teammates
  • How to get people away from the dreaded maybe land
  • How to have more people show up for appointments
  • How to have more people watch your company presentation

​The 7 Steps to 7 Figures

  • How to identify your WHY
  • How to strategically create your path to success
  • How to focus & use leverage
  • Why practicing gratitude matters

Core Module #4: High Performance Mindset


The Millionaire Mindset

  • How to practice the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • How to create a new operating system for your mind
  • How to master self-talk
  • How to cultivate successful, positive, and intimate relationships
  • How to practice the Law of GOYA

Time Management Mastery

  • How to work your calendar
  • How to prioritize your IPA’s, Income Producing Activities
  • How to maximize the time that you are at your best
  • How to say no to things that don’t serve you
  • How to hit your goals quicker
  • How to delegate 
  • How to simplify
  • How to eliminate
  • How to get more done in less time

BONUS #1: The Law of Attraction

  • How to attract your ideal prospect
  • How to never run out of leads
  • How to stop repelling people
  • How to have more customers
  • What the Law of Attraction is and why it matters
  • How to focus your language & mindset
  • How to plan & envision your future
  • Learn the "4 questions" and how to answer & apply them
  • How to shift from selling to serving

Normally Priced at $99 (FREE as a take action BONUS for you)

BONUS #2: How to Successfully Build Teams

  • How to build a global network
  • How to keep people on auto-ship forever
  • How to inspire those not doing anything
  • How to bless and release
  • How to build with the law of 80/20
  • How to have more retention
  • How to have more duplication

Normally Priced at $149 (Not today for you!)

FREE Strategy Consultation with Drew


Plan a time to enjoy a complimentary phone or video consultation with Drew! Drew invests in his students success! He is most successful when you are thriving. He wants you to have it all. 


He will plan a time to personally talk with you. He wil learn about your specific goals, situation, experience, desires, and hopes.


He will plan a next-step action plan WITH and specifically FOR you!


Normally Priced at $199 (Not today for you!)

EXCLUSIVE 95% Discount on 3-Day VIP Bootcamp


Drew has partnered with Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire, to provide an exclusive 95% discount to Paul's Maverick Selling Business Builder Bootcamp. This event empowers you to double your income in 3 days!


This VIP-only, 3-day event normally sells for $1997. Drew's Network Marketing Domination course students get the ticket for only $97!

Believe it or not... there's more! You also get a 2nd, FREE guest ticket!


Normally Priced at $1,997 (Not today for you!)

What Others Say about Drew & His Leadership

You have ZERO RISK!

We offer a 30-Day Money-Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

When in life can you breathe easy... knowing you can try something that will change your life with ZERO risk. Drew absolutely stands behind this course 💯 percent!


Go through the ENTIRE course and your FREE consultation with Drew. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied for ANY reasons, you can easily get a complete, no-hassle refund by simply emailing the customer service team. 

Ignite your Six-Figure Success TODAY!

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You get EVERYTHING... normally priced at over $3,000!

  • 4 Core Network Marketing Domination Training Modules (Normally priced at $999)
    • Core Module #1: ​The Authority Foundation
    • Core Module #2: The Authority Building System
    • Core Module #3: Network Marketing Sales Training
    • Core Module #4: High Performance Mindset
  • BONUS Module #1: The Law of Attraction (Normally priced at $99)
  • BONUS Module #2: Successful Team Building (Normally priced at $149)
  • FREE Action-Plan Consultation with Drew (Normally priced at $199)
  • Exclusive 95% off 3-Day, VIP Business Bootcamp (Normally priced at $1,997)
  • Hassle-Free, 30-Day Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • Handling Objections Mastery (BONUS)

  • Attract Your Perfect Client Worksheet (BONUS)

  • 7 Secrets to Sales Success (BONUS)

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